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The Polish network is subject to compulsory tolling only via ViaToll until 1 October and then via e-Toll, for all motor vehicles over 3.5T. The network is subject to 4 operators : the national operator Szef KAS and three private operators.

The Polish toll system is mixed :

  • “Open” by the e-Toll network thanks to the On Bord Unit (OBU) system by “micro-wave” certified by Szef KAS
  • “Closed” by the A1, A2 and A4 networks by video-tolling and DSRC technology

How is the toll amount calculated ?

It depends on the number of kilometres driven, the weight of the vehicle and the Euro pollution class.

Network covered

  • A1 (Rusocin – Czerniewice),
  • A2 (Świecko – Nowy Tomyśl – Konin)
  • A4 (Katowice – Krakow)
  • e-Toll network

Tax refunds

Through Axxès, you can get VAT refunded on various services such as toll bills, fuel, spare parts, repairs, car wash.

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