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The network is managed by Oresundsbro Konsortiet, an entity owned by the Danish and Swedish governments. It consists of 16 km of motorized traffic lanes and a railroad line, connecting Copenhagen to Malmö. The infrastructure consists of two parts: a tunnel and a bridge (a semi-open system, with a single toll gate on the Swedish side). The toll amount is calculated by Øresund according to the length and height of the vehicle, based on data read by the DSRC antennas. The currency used by Øresund is the Danish krone. Invoicing will be done in Euro by applying the customs exchange rate.

How do the discounts work?

  • As a fleet manager or driver of vehicles over 3.5 tons, you can subscribe to Øresund’s discount program, BroPas® Business.
  • It depends on the toll turnover – a discounted price ranging from 58% to 63% is applied depending on the number of annual journeys made on Øresund. Membership of the program is free for heavy vehicles.
  • You will need to register with Øresund, indicating the number of your Axxès badges and the number of trips made per year. The discounted transactions will be forwarded to you by Axxès.
  • Axxès will take care of your registration with BroPas® Business and you will receive a 50% discount on your first transaction!


This is 2 bridges and 1 railway tunnel in Denmark. The toll network is an 18 km long series of bridges connecting the Danish mainland to the island of Zealand, where the capital Copenhagen is located.

How is the toll calculated?

Depending on the length and height of the vehicle, the toll is calculated by A/S Storebælt from the data read on the lanes by the DSRC antennas. The currency used by Storebælt is the Danish Kroner. Invoicing will be done in Euro by applying the customs exchange rate.

How do the discounts work?

You can subscribe to Storebælt’s discount program, Storebælt Business®. In order to benefit from the Green Discount program, the customer must first register his vehicle with the Storebælt Business Agreement. The registration is free of charge or subject to a fee depending on the country of registration of the vehicle concerned: Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Lithuania and Finland = free of charge. For other countries: 600 DKK (approx. 81€) will be applied

The discount program is reserved for vehicles with the following engines: Diesel EURO 6, electric, and hydrogen. It allows you to benefit from a 13% discount on your trips.



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