Axxès first EETS provider in Italy !

The Italian toll motorways start on January 25th the first test -with selected real clients- of electronic toll payment according to the specifications of the European electronic Toll Service (EETS), with the French company Axxès SAS. This test phase does refer to the first EETS Service Providaers on the Italian toll motorways network, in application of the relevant EU legislation; at the end of the test phase, that follows previous technical tests performed with the Axxès SAS, this company will be authorized to extend the service to all its clients, that will be able to engage the toll lanes signaled by a logo featuring the EU flag, therefore highlighting the European dimension of the service. In the meantime, technical tests with further Italian and other EU based companies specialized in offering to their clients the electronic toll collection services do proceed; those companies will be in the next future in the position to start their pilot phases and the service.