Road-rail: an alternative to road transport.

Road-rail : financial savings and climate benefits. Discounts on journeys between Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and France.

AFA offers a rail link between Savoie and the province of Turin in Italy. Its facilities include 11 lowered wagons suitable for HGVs, with or without driver (trailers can also be transported alone). With five daily return trips from Monday to Friday, the 175-kilometre journey takes three hours.

RALPIN: The Rolling Highway is an economical way of passing through Switzerland despite the country’s ban on driving at night and on Sundays – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year between Freiburg and Novara.

ROLA offers connections between Brenner, Wörgl, Trento, Maribor and Wels. ROLA spaces are highly sought-after, so dispatchers must book a space for the driver and the truck in time (up to four days in advance, and at least two hours before the booking acceptance deadline).

  • We offer the maximum discounts.
  • Simple, economical and environmentally friendly, road-rail reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Optimised operating costs compared with tunnel transit prices.
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