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1. Legal information under French Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 

Website publisher: 

The website was published by Axxès, a French simplified joint-stock company (société par actions simplifiée) with share capital of €33,532,999.97, registered with the Lyon Trade and Companies Registry (France) under number 482 930 385, having its registered office at 15 Rue des Cuirassiers, 69487 Lyon, France. 

NAF code (company ID): 52.21Z – Service activities incidental to land transportation. 

Intra-Community VAT No.: FR40482930385. 

Publication director: Frédéric Lepeintre. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Tel.: +33 (0)4 26 29 75 00 

Website creator and host: 

The Website is hosted by: Sutunam France, having its registered office at 24 Avenue Joannes Masset, 69009 Lyon, France 

Tel.: +33 (0)4 82 53 31 75 

2. General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website 

The purpose of these terms of use (the “Terms of Use”) is to explain the terms on which you may access the Website and, where applicable, use the data on the Website. The Website is the property of Axxès SAS (“Axxès”) and its licensors. 

Axxès SAS publishes this Website to present some of the company’s services to you. The information is provided for general information purposes only, without any warranty that it is fit for any specific purpose. 

Axxès reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to make changes to parts of these Terms of Use. You must consult these Terms of Use regularly, to be informed of any changes. If you continue to use the Website after changes have been published, you will be presumed to have accepted the changes. As long as you comply with these Terms of Use, Axxès grants you a personal, limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access and use the Website. 

Intellectual property 

All the information and documents (text, still or animated images, databases, sound, photographs, know-how and listed products) contained in or on the Website and all the Legal notice + General Terms and Conditions of Use 


materials created for the Website and its overall structure are either the property of Axxès SAS or have been licensed to Axxès SAS through rights of use, reproduction and performance. 

Accordingly, Axxès SAS is the exclusive owner of all the intellectual property rights or rights of use for all the materials available on the Website, covering both the structure and the text, images, graphics, logos, icons, sound and software etc. A “© 2024 Axxès | All Rights Reserved” notice is displayed, in particular, on all the pages of the Website. 

That information and those documents and materials are subject to the laws protecting copyright as and when they are made available to the public on the Website. No licence or right other than the right to view the Website is granted to any person for intellectual property rights. 

Accordingly, any total or partial reproduction of the Website or performance, modification, publication or adaptation, whether in whole or in part, of any such materials, regardless of the means or process used, is prohibited without the prior written authorisation of Axxès SAS. Failing that, Axxès SAS reserves the right to take any necessary action, including legal action, to stop any infringement of its intellectual property rights and to obtain compensation for any harm caused to it. 

Unless otherwise stated, the company names, logos, services and trademarks mentioned on the Website are the property of Axxès SAS or have been licensed to Axxès SAS through rights of use, reproduction or performance. They may not be used without the prior written authorisation of Axxès SAS. 

The same applies, where applicable, to the databases appearing on the Website, which are protected by the provisions of the French Law of 1 July 1998 transposing the EU Directive of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases into the French Intellectual Property Code (code de la propriété intellectuelle). 

Similarly, any recording, broadcasting, translation or adaptation of the Website, in whole or in part, is prohibited. 

Use of the Website 

You may not use any device, program, algorithm or other automatic methods such as “deep linking”, “page scraping”, “robots” or “crawlers”, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to access, acquire, copy or monitor any part of the Website, or reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Website to obtain or attempt to obtain any data, documents or information through any means not purposely made available to you through the Website. 

You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any portion or feature of the Website, or to any other system or network connected to the Website, or to the services offered on or through the Website, through hacking, password “sniffing” or any other unlawful means. 

You must not attempt to probe, analyse or test the vulnerability of the Website or any network connected to the Website, or breach the security and authentication measures on the Website or networks connected to the Website. You may not reverse look-up, trace or attempt to trace any information about other users of or visitors to the Website, or other Axxès customers, including any Axxès account for which you are not the owner or the source, or exploit the Website or the services or information made available or offered on or Legal notice + General Terms and Conditions of Use 


through the Website in any manner whatsoever where the purpose is to reveal any such information, including personal identification information or information, other than your own information, as it appears on the Website. 

You must not claim to be or represent anyone else, or impersonate any other individual or legal entity. 

You must not use the Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use, or to solicit any unlawful or other activity that infringes the rights of Axxès or any third party. 

Management of access rights and passwords 

Some services and features offered on or via the Website may require you to open an account (including setting up a login and password). You are responsible for the consequences of their use. You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information, including your password, and for all transactions performed through your account. You undertake to inform the Website publisher immediately of any fraudulent or unauthorised use of your account or your access code and/or password or any security breach. However, you may be held liable for any harm caused to Axxès or any other user of or visitor to the Website by someone else using your login, password or account. 

You may modify the password initially received at any time via the Website. There is a limited number of login attempts to the Website or the secure area. For security reasons, access to the Website or the secure area is automatically suspended after several failed login attempts. The Website publisher reserves the right to suspend your access to the Website in the event of a fraudulent use or attempted fraudulent use of your access. In the event that access is suspended, the Website publisher will immediately inform you. 

Secure website or pages 

Certain portions of the Website are secure, including the pages used to enter personal, confidential data (your access code or your bank card number, for example). This means that the data you transmit to the Website via these pages is encrypted between your browser and the Website server and it may only be read and recorded by the Website. Accordingly, you can provide these details in complete confidence: your confidential information will be transmitted in a completely secure manner. 

However, please ensure that you enter your details discreetly: do not leave your screen where everyone can see your card number or access codes. The encryption technology used on the Website complies with French legislation. 

Undertaking for use 

Each user of the Website who provides information grants Axxès all the transferable rights relating to the information and authorises Axxès to use it. The information provided by users in that way will be treated as non-confidential. However, if the information provided is personal data within the meaning of the applicable law, it will be processed in accordance with the personal data protection and cookie policy applicable to the Website. 

Liability Legal notice + General Terms and Conditions of Use 


The Website and the data it contains are provided for information purposes only and Axxès disclaims any and all liability for it. 

Despite the care taken to maintain and update the Website, Axxès does not warrant that users will be able to access the Website at all times or that it will be free from all kinds of malfunctions, and may not be held liable, in particular, for any errors, inaccuracies, bugs or viruses, etc. Users remain liable for their own equipment and its use, and are solely liable for any direct or indirect costs arising from their connection to the Internet. 

Users will be solely liable for any decision that may be taken by them, concerning the use of the data on the Website. 


All website managers, provided that they have first submitted a request to Axxès and obtained its express authorisation, may add a hyperlink to the home page of the Axxè website, with the exception of websites or media posting content of a controversial, pornographic, xenophobic, indecent or immoral nature. The link must clearly indicate the nature of the content and the exact address of the page. 

Any use of links to the Website for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited. 

Axxès reserves the right to hold any persons who add a hyperlink liable, if they did not request the prior authorisation of Axxès or circumvent its refusal to establish a link to a page other than the home page of the Website, along with any persons who fail to comply with the intellectual property rights in and to the materials of the Website, or fail to clearly identify the nature of the content and the exact address of the page (source and target) with the aim of misleading users. 

The Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites or other Internet sources such as social media (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok). This list is not exhaustive. 

Any user using such links will leave the Website and be solely liable for their external browsing activity. 

Axxès has no control over the process used by these external sources to collect information about the browsing activity of users on their websites. As such, Axxès may not be held liable for the use of the content, products, services or any other materials available on or from these external websites or sources. Users should therefore consult the general terms and conditions of use and the personal data protection policy of these external websites or sources directly, on their platforms. Lastly, to the extent permitted by law, Axxès may not be held liable in the event that the content of the said websites breaches the legal and regulatory provisions in force. 

Governing law – Dispute resolution 

The Website and these Terms of Use are governed by French law. Users and Axxès agree to use their best efforts to resolve any dispute regarding the interpretation, validity or performance of the Terms of Use out of court. In the event that an out-of-court agreement cannot be reached, users and Axxès agree that the dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Lyon (France). 

Contact us Legal notice + General Terms and Conditions of Use 


If you have any questions about the Terms of Use of the Website, please email us using the online contact form in the “Contact us” section of this Website or write to us at the following address: Axxès, 15 Rue des Cuirassiers, 69487 Lyon, France 

Photograph and video credits: 

The images and photographs illustrating the Website are taken from several sources, mainly online image databases: 

  • Adobe stock 
  • Envato Market