Øresund – Storebaelt

Axxès enables HGVs to drive on the bridges and tunnels linking Denmark with Sweden (Øresund – Storebaelt). The B’moov electronic toll collection OBU also makes it very simple for trucks and buses to pay tolls when passing through toll plazas in France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal.

Discounts of up to 63% depending on the number of annual Øresund crossings.

Just join the programme free of charge. Axxès takes care of registrations with BroPas® Business.

Discounts of up to 13% on the Storebaelt bridge, subject to certain environmental conditions.


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France/Italy: The Fréjus and Mont-Blanc tunnels

Would you like to cross the Alps through the Fréjus and Mont-Blanc tunnels?

All passenger vehicles can pass through both tunnels.

As for goods vehicles, classes 3, 4, B, C and MD, F, D and E are accepted. Euro pollution class 0-1-2-3 & 4 goods vehicles are excluded.

The Fréjus road tunnel, which connects France and Italy, was opened in 1980 and is 12.87 km long. This link between Savoie and Piedmont is now one of the main road routes through the Northern Alps, and consists of a two-lane tube.

The Mont-Blanc tunnel connects Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in Haute-Savoie, France, with Courmayeur in the Aosta valley, Italy. When it was opened in 1965, it was the longest road tunnel in the world, measuring 11.6 km (approx. 12 minutes). It shortened the journey between Chamonix and Aosta by 60 km, and above all eliminated the obstacle of the winter closure of the Alpine passes, facilitating travel between France and Italy.

Subscribe to the Alpine Tunnels by Axxès offer:

  • A single card for both tunnels
  • Only with Axxès, discounts of up to 22% on public transit prices
  • Annual discount based on the previous year’s cumulative consumption
  • A single invoice with payment at the end of the month
  • Unlimited journeys
  • No need to book
  • Manage your invoices and track your spending online



The network is managed by Oresundsbro Konsortiet, an entity owned by the Danish and Swedish states. It consists of 16 km of road for motor vehicles and a railway linking Copenhagen with Malmö. The infrastructure is divided into two sections, a tunnel and a bridge. (Semi-open system, with a single toll barrier on the Swedish side.) The toll amount is calculated by Øresund based on the length and height of the vehicle, using data read at the roadside by DSRC antennas. The currency used by Øresund is the Danish krone. Invoices are issued in euros using the customs exchange rate.


  • As a fleet manager or the driver of vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes, you can subscribe to the Øresund discount programme, BroPas® Business.
  • The discount depends on the toll revenue – a reduced price ranging from 58% to 63% is applied based on the number of Øresund crossings per year. Membership of the programme is free for HGVs.
  • You need to register with Øresund, indicating the number of Axxès OBUs you have and the annual number of crossings. The discounted transactions will be sent to you by Axxès.
  • Axxès takes care of registering you with BroPas® Business, and you are eligible for a 50% discount from your first crossing. As soon as you start, you are already winning!


This consists of two bridges and one railway tunnel in Denmark. The toll network is a series of bridges stretching 18 km and linking continental Denmark with the island of Zealand, where the capital Copenhagen is located.


The toll depends on the length and height of the vehicle, and is calculated by A/S Storebælt using data read at the roadside by DSRC antennas. The currency used by Storebælt is the Danish krone. Invoices are issued in euros using the customs exchange rate.


You can subscribe to the Storebælt discount programme, Storebælt Business®. To benefit from the Green Discount programme, you first need to register your vehicle for the Storebælt Business Agreement. Registration may be free or there may be a charge depending on the country where the vehicle is registered: Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Lithuania and Finland = free For other countries: DKK 600 (about €81) is charged.

The discount programme is reserved for vehicles with the following engines: Euro 6 diesel, electric or hydrogen. It offers a discount of 13% on all journeys.