“In 2012, Axxès launched its first-generation geolocation tool, Viaxxès SAT Manager. The application quickly became a benchmark for professionals who wanted an efficient solution offering excellent value for money to optimise their transport operations in Europe. The next generation, the Axxès Fleet Manager application, available soon, will be more powerful. It will offer new features and a more intuitive, customisable customer interface.

Optimum real-time geolocation. Axxès Fleet Manager is an SaaS application (Software as a Service), meaning it can be used on any operating system by logging in through a web browser, with no need to install additional software. As soon as they log in, fleet managers are presented with a summary view of fleet activity based on a dynamic map, which also displays traffic in real time. The new tool provides an improved customer experience thanks to a more user-friendly interface, including two view modes on the interactive map based on the number of vehicles to monitor. The application is very easy to use and searching for data is highly intuitive.

Anticipate – estimate Before a journey, the fleet manager can carry out simulations to determine the cheapest, the quickest and the shortest route, estimating the costs associated with tolls, the Belgian road tax and fuel, together with emissions of CO2. Monitor – organise – optimise Fleet managers have access to more complete data about the HGVs they are monitoring, including the geolocation application’s “Map Matching” system. This technology allows vehicles to be identified much more precisely on the map, both in France and across Europe. Fleet managers can view all their vehicles on the same map at a glance – their position, direction of travel, whether or not they are operating and even their speed. To optimise transport operations still further, geofencing alerts inform the fleet manager when a vehicle approaches a predefined point of interest. Complementing electronic toll collection, Axxès Fleet Manager is the optional geolocation application that will be offered to all transport operators whose fleets are equipped with an Axxès satellite unit.