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Lyon, 11 January 2019 – On 8 January, the professional organisations in the transport sector (FNTL, TFL, Fédération nationale des transports de voyageurs, Otre, Unostra and Chambre syndicale du déménagement) issued a joint press release in which they called for “securing disputes relating to toll overcharging caused by the decommissioning of certain motorway company installations”.

The motorway operators, VINCI Autoroutes, the APRR group and the SANEF group, have specified that they will not apply additional invoicing to customers whose electronic toll badges have not been correctly detected when they pass through toll booths due to the yellow vest demonstrations, given the exceptional nature of the situation. They undertake to maintain this principle as long as the yellow vest demonstrations prevent the proper detection of certain badges.

In agreement with the above-mentioned motorway companies, Axxès indicates that it strictly reflects the invoicing information sent by motorway operators to its customers.

With more than 40,000 customer companies, Axxès is the most dynamic player in the interoperable electronic toll market for heavy goods vehicles. The company offers freight and passenger carriers an intelligent and reliable electronic toll solution to pay European tolls, using a single on-board equipment and a single subscription contract. Its aim is to constantly improve its services to adapt as closely as possible to the new needs of road transport operators. This is why it designs innovative tools based on the latest technologies such as its geolocation service, which specialises in optimising and understanding toll costs. Its ambitions include being the reference in terms of interoperable electronic toll collection in Europe and the essential partner for road transport operators.

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